November 21, 2014


Riverboat Gamblers ready the first in new series of singles

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Sometimes a single is just a single: That’s the basic premise behind an upcoming project by the Texas-bred punk band Riverboat Gamblers.

“We wanted to celebrate songs that aren’t being placed within the narrative arc of an EP or LP,” explains singer Mike Wiebe. “When you write a full-length, you really have to think about how each song is going to affect the vibe of the whole project, and we try to be clear about what we want in an album when writing. It’s nice to say [‘Screw that’] when doing a single.”

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November 06, 2014


Charlie Mars_photo by Darin Back.jpg

Just like he did for 2009’s Like a Bird, Like a Plane and 2012’s Blackberry Light, singer-songwriter Charlie Mars recorded his latest album, The Money, in Texas with producer Billy Harvey and core musicians J.J. Johnson, John Ginty and George Reiff.

Those facts might give the impression Mars is in a rut. Actually, he’s on a roll. On The Money, released in mid-October via Rockingham Records/Thirty Tigers, his low-key, acoustic-driven music continues to be deceptively deep, but Mars also shows a sense of humor at times. It’s all part of Mars’ effort “to move toward something more positive, more lighthearted” while continuing to make high-fidelity, organic music.

Mars checked in by phone to discuss his recent boost in confidence and why he chose to record The Money at a different Lone Star State studio, as well as break down select songs on the new album, his seventh full-length effort.

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